A Family Legacy

Ludhiana, Punjab, In the 1980s, there was one common thread that tied together most festivities in Ludhiana; be it wedding feasts, home gatherings, or even local parties
- Rajni Bector's infamous ice-creams, puddings, and cakes

That’s right, Rajni Bector had become a household name for nutritious and lip-smacking taste. A young newly-wed Rajni started spreading the delicious aromas from her house to her friends and then to the local households in Punjab. Of course, no one could resist falling in love with her treats immediately. Everyone knew that she, her talent and recipes were unique. With persistence, hard work and great tasting products she moved out from her home kitchen and started Mrs Bector Foods specialities Limited.

In 1995, with 25+ years of dedicated service in the bakery sector with a commitment to quality and consistency, what began as Mrs Bector's love for baking had now become a leading manufacturer and exporter of biscuits; biscuits so, rich creamy and delicious, that you can't help but fall in love.


Every household in Ludhiana knew of Mrs Bector’s Tasty Products. Everyone had witnessed her delicious
treats, creamy biscuits, and cakes. So, when she launched her brand Cremica, her brand was an
instant success. People were loving our biscuits, especially cream-filled cookies and crackers. Today Cremica
is available in over 23 states and 5,50,000+ retail outlets across India.

Our Story


Our Quality

Our journey of producing 1,00,000 MT. biscuits annually began with the want for quality biscuits for those daily special moments when it's just you and your tea-time snacks. With humble beginnings like any other, we began as a small unit in the back of Mrs. Bector's home kitchen and expanded to 6 factories around the country. With a product portfolio consisting of 384 SKUs, we began selling our biscuits overseas only to realize that the world loves our quality too. Today, with a presence in over 64 countries across 6 continents, we have successfully channelized our production into strategically located, dedicated facilities for the Indian and Overseas market.



Manufactured in-house, across strategically located manufacturing units, in the North of India - in Phillaur & Rajpura (Punjab) and Tahliwal (Himachal Pradesh) we conduct strict quality and quantity control. We are one of the leading biscuit brands in the bakery category, credited with FSSC 22000 certification, British Retail Consortium and Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit. We also Produce Fresh and Frozen Bakery Products through our 3 Factories in Greater Noida, Mumbai and Bangaluru


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