Since I was making everything with cream, I named it Cremica!

Love for the cream that began in her childhood, went on to create the legacy
of Mrs. Bector's Food Specialties Limited.

About Family Legacy


Every household in Ludhiana knew of Mrs Bector’s Tasty Products. Everyone had witnessed her delicious
treats, creamy biscuits, and cakes. So, when she launched her brand Cremica, her brand was an
instant success. People were loving our biscuits, especially cream-filled cookies and crackers. Today Cremica
is available in over 23 states and 5,50,000+ retail outlets across India.

Our Story


Our Quality

Our journey of producing 1,00,000 MT. biscuits annually began with the want for quality biscuits for those daily special moments when it's just you and your tea-time snacks...


Manufactured in-house, across strategically located manufacturing units, in the North of India - in Phillaur & Rajpura (Punjab) and Tahliwal (Himachal Pradesh) we conduct...

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Coo Coo Cookie

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The Fit Biscuit

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The Cream Connection

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Crave A Crunch Crackers

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extending our love across the globe

We realised that our products made in india were truly international and people
quite enjoyed our delicious cookies around the world

About our Business
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vibrant world of cremica

We love sharing biscuit affairs, and here's indulging in some of the best. Have
some stories of your own to share? We’d love to hear from you. Tag us.



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Take a tour of our facility

Reading stories is fun, but what better way to do justice to our journey than to show you live, in action. Come, experience the journey of our biscuits from the manufacturing units, to your homes.

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